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iFlash Version 2.9.3 Changes:
- Added references to iPad for exporting
- Added exporting of all images and audio in a deck when exporting to text file
- Pressing Shift-Tab in the main table view will now correctly go back in cards
- Fixed bug when sending some decks to iFlash Touch
- Fixed bug where deleting cards while searching didn't work

iFlash Version 2.9.1 Changes:
- Added more options for sharing your deck to the Export menu (including Email, iMessage, AirDrop, etc)
- Added "Forgot your password?" link when logging into the Deck Library
- Added support for upcoming version of iFlash Touch (yup, it's actually getting updated)
- Fixed issue with application icon appearing corrupted
- Fixed bug where deleting a card from a category would inadvertently move it to the Trash
- Fixed bug with card numbers in the sidebar with decks that had more than 9,999 cards

iFlash Version 2.9 Changes:

Bigger things:

- New minimum OS requirement: Mac OS X 10.7
- Images are now shown inline when studying (no more floating window!)
- Images are now compressed when saved to the deck, so deck file sizes are much, much smaller
- Added support for OS X's Autosave and Versions features
- Added support for App Nap in OS X Mavericks
- Audio recording/playback should now be much more reliable
- Decks modified with iFlash 2.9 can now only be opened by iFlash 2.9 or later

Smaller things:

- Fixed occasional crash when ending the card show
- Smoothed out animations in card show when changing card sides
- Can now undo after duplicating cards
- Document window positions are now saved correctly
- Card show window dimensions are now remembered per-deck
- Menu bar now properly hides itself when going into distraction free mode.
- Removed option for exporting to older iPods (it didn't work anymore, so, yay?)
- New icons for the "Memorized" and "Attachments" table columns
- Added "Clear Device List" menu item to the Export menu, to remove old iOS devices that may be in the list
- Added signup form for Loopware newsletter on Welcome screen (no, we won't spam you, and yes, we won't ask you again :-)
- Random bug fixes, since everyone loves random bug fixes

iFlash Version 2.8.2 Changes:
- New HiDPI icon added.
- Text alignment set in the deck is now used when printing cards.
- File formats are now automatically detected when importing text files.
- Inspector now remains visible when iFlash is not active.
- Added "Sort by > Date Created" menu item.
- Sorting by flag now works when no rows are selected.
- Pressing Tab while editing in the table view now jumps to the next card, like it should.

iFlash Version 2.8.1 Changes:
- Fixed bug where iFlash would sometimes not export more than a few decks to the iPhone. If this is happening for you, click the "Deck Prefs" button, select the "Advanced" tab, then click the new "Reset Deck Unique ID" button. Do this for each deck that's affected.
- Quotes are now respected when importing CSV files.
- Fixed bug where exporting decks with a ":" or "/" in their name would crash iFlash.

iFlash Version 2.8 Changes:
- iFlash now supports exporting your decks onto iPhone and iPod touch!
- A new "Export" button has replaced the "Images" button by default. To attach images, use the Inspector instead.
- Fixed bug where decks would sometimes balloon in size with images attached.
- iFlash now uses UTF-8 when importing text files.
- Table column resizing and ordering is now more stable when switching between decks.
- Added Flag/Unflag menu item to the Edit menu.
- Other changes and bug fixes...

iFlash Version 2.7.5 Changes:
- Images are now printed out when there is no text in a card side
- "Save Audio" button added to Audio panel of the Inspector
- Auto backup feature completely re-done. A backup of each deck is now saved in the same folder as the deck itself, and used to recover a deck if iFlash should crash.
- Customizing the toolbar doesn't crash iFlash in Leopard anymore
- Pressing the Return key while editing will bring you to the next row (like in Tiger)
- Mouse cursor when dragging doesn't show plus symbol anymore
- Spotlight importer now runs natively on Intel Macs
- Welcome window is now centered when opened
- "Remember Keyboard Layout" option now works smoothly and predictably. Unfortunately, due to a bug in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, this feature now only works with Leopard.

iFlash Version 2.7.4 Changes:
- Fixed audio recording bug with Leopard
- Fixed category source list selection with Leopard
- Images that appeared too small before are now shown with the correct size

iFlash Version 2.7.3 Changes:
- Fixed mysterious bug with interval memorization where the score would sometimes decrease over time
- Fixed bug where when purchasing through PayPal on Mac OS X 10.4.7, iFlash would crash after the purchase
- Holding the Option key while clicking the Delete button in a category will now send the card to the trash
- iPod syncing now works properly with the latest iTunes/iPod updates

iFlash Version 2.7.2 Changes:
- Bug fix: The last row when printing is now printed in the correct order
- Added Ignore button to the iFlash updater (ignores the current update)
- Changed Deck Library upload size limit (it's much larger)
- Bug fix: Purchasing now works correctly if you have unicode characters in your name

iFlash Version 2.7.1 Changes:
- New Purchasing system in place! Purchasing is now completely integrated into iFlash!
- Printing now works in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther
- Card side text changes are now saved when clicking the Audio or Image buttons (Inspector)
- Saving while a card is being edited will now save that card as well
- "Loop until ended" setting now actually works
- iFlash doesn't crash anymore when importing audio with Unicode characters in the filename!

iFlash Version 2.7 Changes:
New Features:
- New print feature, which allows printing to flash-cards!
- Vertical centering to the card show (enable in the Fonts tab in Deck Prefs)
- Comma-separated value importing in Import window now preset
- Added score and categories variables to export & print window

Specific Bug Fixes:
- Sorting now recognizes numerical values when sorting (1 < 2 < 110 < 220 etc, instead of 1 < 110 < 2 < 220 etc)
- Emptying the trash while the inspector was open now doesn't (seemingly) randomly crash iFlash...
- Importing cards now makes the deck appear "dirty" (meaning it needs to be saved)
- Fixed bug where the "You have gone through all the cards" view may not disappear after restarting the card show

Other Improvements:
- iFlash is now a Universal Binary, and will work natively on the new Intel Macs
- Full-screen feature re-done (menu bar now accessible during full-screen)

iFlash Version 2.6.3 Changes:
- Reorganized View menu
- Added "Sort By" to the View menu
- Sorting by Flagged status is now possible through the "Sort By" menu
- Changed status selection background color to match toolbar background at all times
- Fixed bug where quitting iFlash when full-screen was enabled could cause iFlash to freeze

iFlash Version 2.6.2 Changes:
- Fixed bug where iFlash occasionally crashed when the inspector was closed
- Fixed bug where enabling "Limit cards to x amount" and "Limit cards to score range" would not show all possible cards
- Fixed bug where iFlash may think it's unregistered (when it really is)
- iFlash Updater now actually works when run from a normal (not admin) account :-)

iFlash Version 2.6.1 Changes:
- Custom Intervals are now saved with the card deck
- Added option "Use memorization data when exporting" to iPod export
- Export category selection now defaults to the currently viewed category
- When dragging a card with the category drawer closed, the drawer will temporarily pop open (and will now close once done dragging).
- New sides are automatically shown when adding them from the Deck Prefs
- Table column behavior changed slightly when adding and removing card sides

iFlash Version 2.6 Changes:
New Features:
- Interval studying added, enable from the Deck Prefs
- Added feature to limit how many cards are shown during the card show
- Added menu to search field allowing you to search All or Current cards
- Flagging cards feature added to the editor and the card show
- Text background color now customizable for each card side
- Combination of categories now allowed when combining decks

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed clipping bug with search field when "Use Small Size" was enabled in the editor toolbar
- Fixed bug with iFlash updater when updating with a normal user account
- "Default Deck Template" doesn't appear in recently opened decks anymore
- Card show toolbar customization is now saved between shows
- Other small bug fixes...

Interface Changes:
- Current selection status moved to the bottom of the window and redesigned
- Horizontal scroll bar now auto-hides
- Table stripes are now highlighted gray when Graphite mode is enabled in System Preferences
- "Start Card Show" dialog box now re-named to "Begin Studying"
- Begin Studying window completely re-designed
- Card side order added to Begin Studying window
- Changed background color of category table

Other Improvements:
- Scroll position now remembered per-category while working in editor
- Last category viewed now saved automatically
- Pressing "Return" after typing in a search query now saves the search in the Search field menu
- Combine feature now opens a new Untitled deck with the combined cards
- Drawer status (open/closed) now saved per-deck
- Downloading a deck from the Deck Library now doesn't require saving the deck first
- Added option to start iFlash with the Deck Library

iFlash Version 2.5.5 Changes:
- Changed to unified toolbar look on Tiger
- Pressing Tab/Enter while editing the last card in the table will now create a new card
- Possibly fixed bug where closing a window when fading is enabled could crash iFlash
- Other small fixes and enhancements

iFlash Version 2.5.4 Changes:
- Spotlight plugin added to allow searching inside card decks with Mac OS X 10.4's Spotlight technology.

iFlash Version 2.5.3 Changes:
- Attachments (images and sound) can now be uploaded to the Deck Library
- The "Start Card Show" dialog can be opened with no cards in the deck
- Other small changes and bug fixes

iFlash Version 2.5.2 Changes:
- Fixed various bugs with sound recording
- Recording when there is no input source will not crash iFlash
- Other windows can now go be seen on top of the inspector window
- Other various enhancements and fixes

iFlash Version 2.5.1 Changes:
- Contextual menu added to main table view (you can now control-click cards)
- Fixed bug where emptying trash may freeze iFlash
- Added warning before deleting sound from card side
- Quitting iFlash when full-screen is enabled will not cause a freeze anymore
- Switching between apps when full-screen is enabled will turn off full-screen mode
- Sorting by card-number now works in categories
- Text-to-speech talking will now be stopped when switching cards in the show

iFlash Version 2.5 Changes:
New Features:
- Audio recording/playback implemented! Record using the inspector
- Full undo support in the editor
- Decks are backed up automatically, and can be recovered if iFlash crashes
- Default deck template can be changed from the iFlash Preferences
- Added "Do not count this study session" option at the end of the card show
- iFlash now remembers which keyboard layout you use on each side (enable/disable in Deck Prefs)
- Improved iFlash Update function; iFlash can now install new versions automatically
- Keyboard commands can be customized for the card show
- Full-screen background color can now be changed from the preferences
- Sides drawer added to the card show

Bug Fixes:
- Closing a card deck now properly frees the memory associated with that deck
- Clicking the category table header does not sort the main editor anymore
- Toolbar toggle button in inspector disabled
- Removed "Font" from inspector contextual menu
- The %notes variable now works correctly when exporting to text
- Table font size is now correctly show in the Deck Preferences
- Clearing recent documents from the File menu now properly updates the Welcome window
- When in full-screen mode, the image window stays above the card-show

Interface Changes:
- Re-designed and improved Categories drawer
- Moved around settings in iFlash Preferences
- "Registration" pane is now hidden if iFlash is registered
- Removed Show tab from Deck Preferences, show options are now in the "Start Card Show" window
- Removed "Warnings:" options from preferences (not needed with Undo support...)
- Category drawer width is now remembered per-deck
- The standard system font panel is now used in Deck Preferences
- Advanced preferences tab added to iFlash Preferences
- Removed Automatic Full-screen option from iFlash Preferences; iFlash now remembers the last state automatically
- Fonts tab in Deck Preferences re-organized
- Memorization tab in Deck Preferences now clearly divides between Simple and Score memorization types
- Sides in Deck Preferences revised, clicking sides header will now sort the sides

Other Improvements:
- Inspector temporarily disappears when dragging a card
- Added option to hide global record button in the inspector
- Added option to make side text smaller and non-bold in the inspector
- Category drawer now remembers state between launches
- iFlash now remembers which categories are shown in the editor window between sessions
- If multiple cards are selected when starting a show, "Selected Cards" is automatically chosen
- If a card is selected when searching has ended, that card will remain selected
- Command-F now highlights the search field
- Default keyboard shortcuts have changed: Left now goes back one card and Space toggles "Known" box

iFlash Version 2.1.2 Changes:
- New Feature: Table font size can now be changed
- Bug Fix: Main table now displays some fonts more accurately
- Added font check when opening card deck
- Other various bug fixes and enhancements

iFlash Version 2.1.1a Changes:
- Bug fix: The beta expiration has been removed. Sorry for the inconvenience! :-(

iFlash Version 2.1.1 Changes:
- Bug fix: When automatic full screen is enabled, random windows will not show up
- New feature: Preference to speak each card side in the card show
- Pressing the "s" key during the card show will speak the current card side
- Newest version of CURLHandle used, much more stable
- Proxy servers should now work correctly
- Some registration bugs (for example, not being able to verify all the time) have been fixed
- Bug fix: Decks with a "/" in their name will now be corrected before uploading to the Deck Library
- You can now delete cards in the Combine Decks feature by pressing the Delete key

iFlash Version 2.1 Changes:
- New feature: The iFlash Deck Library!
- New feature: Combine Decks
- New feature: Sort by table column in editor

- Printing format and export format are now separately stored
- Bug fix: When random card side order is checked, disabled card sides will not randomly show up anymore
- Bug fix: "Table Columns" menu now does something!
- Bug fix: Pressing Tab when the Caps lock is on does not screw up the inspector window
- Bug fix: Now able to drag old decks (created by iFlash 1.x) directly into categories, as opposed to just newer (created by iFlash 2) decks
- New feature: "Duplicate" item in edit menu, for duplicating cards
- "Preferences..." menu item renamed to "iFlash Preferences..." to prevent confusion between iFlash preferences and card deck specific preferences
- Bug fix: iFlash would sometimes crash on startup when auto-update was enabled
- Option added to Preferences: "Automatically hide inspector"
- New feature: Selection status can be toggled on and off from the View menu
- Dialog box for editing format now shows when printing cards
- If iFlash crashes, a dialog box will be presented next launch that will give the user the option to e-mail me with a log on why iFlash crashed
- iFlash is now completely localization friendly
- Small interface changes and enhancements...

iFlash Version 2.0.1a Changes:
- Bug fix: Card show would, on some Macs, not display properly

iFlash Version 2.0.1 Changes:
- "Next Card" button changes to "Restart" when the show has ended
- Bug Fix: rapidly toggling Full-screen mode will not freeze iFlash anymore (when using Fading windows)
- Bug Fix: iFlash sometimes was stuck in the dock when using full-screen mode
- Other misc. bug fixes

iFlash Version 2.0 Changes:
- Completely new iFlash, rebuilt from the ground up
- Unlimited card sides per deck
- Image attachments on every card side
- Advanced text file importing
- Advanced exporting, including full iPod support
- Completely new system of memorization, using "scores"
- Redesigned multi-document interface
- Completely new card show
- Timed playback, watch your cards like a slideshow!
- Built-in quick searching
- Automatic English definitions
- New, powerful printing system
- New welcome window (finally!)
- All new Preferences, both for separate decks and iFlash
- Completely new inspector
- New "Trash Can" category
- Deck2Go (iPod export) and Combine (merging decks) built-in
- Full Mac OS X 10.3 compatibility